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Please see below the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions
If you cannot find the answer to your particular query please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Are my personal details safe?2020-04-06T15:03:27+00:00

Your personal details are safe with us and your privacy is guaranteed – we do not sell or give any personal data to third parties. Any personal details that we hold are held solely by us to enable us to provide our services to you

Do you cover XYZ?2020-04-06T15:04:06+00:00

We cover a large area around Milton Keynes within 50 miles radius. Please take a look at our coverage page for more details.

Do you work evenings and weekends?2020-04-06T15:04:30+00:00

Yes. We can schedule visits on weekends and evenings.

Can I bring my computer or Laptop to you?2020-04-06T15:07:23+00:00

Yes, you can bring your computer or laptop to us but you need to give us a call on 07916 819990 or visit our Online Booking page to submit a request.



How do you operate?2020-04-06T15:08:18+00:00

We operate a totally mobile computer repair service.This means that we will come to your home or business.

Who are Computer Services?2020-04-06T15:09:34+00:00

“Computer Services”  was formed in 2018 for providing residential and small businesses with mobile IT support.


Will you take my computer away?2020-04-06T14:57:23+00:00

We aim to fix all of your problems at your home or business. However sometimes it will be necessary to take the computer away to our workshop. This might be for fitting replacement parts, running further diagnostics or for anything that might take a long time, i.e. virus removals.

Are there any requirements for a visit?2020-04-06T14:58:20+00:00

We require the following to be able to come to you:

  • A person of 18 years or over to be present throughout the visit
  • Full access to all equipment that needs fixing or setting
  • Consent and co–operation to enter your home.
  • Safe working environment, working space and sufficient electrical power.
Will you charge me if you can not fix the problem?2020-04-06T15:10:44+00:00

We operate a clear and upfront pricing policy and do not have a ‘no-fix, no-fee’ element. We are computer support specialists and are confident of resolving the vast majority of computer issues.

Once your appointment is booked to visit you will incur a minimum one hour’s labour charge. This allows us time to diagnose and troubleshoot your problem and in many cases actually fix the issue.

We understand how frustrating it is when your computer is uneconomic to repair, you are unable to connect to the internet as the service from your ISP is disrupted or you are unable to locate the necessary software installation disks or licence keys to enable a repair. In these rare cases, we would advise you what steps you need to take next, but still take payment even though the problem remains “unfixed”.

Of course, we will always try to advise what can be done to get the issue resolved, whether this is referring you to the manufacturer for a replacement product, or if we stock the relevant parts, offering to supply and fit at additional cost. We will also liaise with your ISP to notify them of the disrupted internet issue (and talk in technical jargon so you don’t have to) and ensure a repair process is initiated.

How do I book an on-site visit?2020-04-06T14:54:37+00:00

Just give us a call on 07916 819990 or visit our Online Booking page to submit a request.


Are you VAT registered?2020-04-06T15:00:18+00:00

We are not currently registered for VAT. All prices given are inclusive of VAT.

What forms of payment do you accept?2020-04-06T15:00:38+00:00

We currently accept the following forms of payment:

  • Cash
  • Cheques – Must be made payable to “JM IT Services”
  • Electronic Payments
Do you charge a call out fee?2020-04-06T15:01:07+00:00

We do not charge a separate call out fee, which means that we do not charge for the times taken to travel to you. Once the engineer arrives on-site with you, every customer will incur a minimum one hour’s labour charge.

How much do you charge?2020-04-06T15:02:59+00:00

We currently charge £65 per hour for labour. We also offer fixed priced repairs. If you would like a better idea of pricing then please contact us.


I have no internet. Can you still remote?2020-04-06T14:59:09+00:00

No. We would need a working Internet connection to be able to provide remote support.

Is it safe and secure?2020-04-06T14:59:32+00:00

The remote support software uses the same security level as https/SSL and is considered completely safe by today’s standards. The key exchange also guarantees that the data channel is completely encoded from client to client and that any routers or servers in between are unable to read or analyze the data stream.

Do you offer support remotely?2020-04-06T14:59:58+00:00

Yes, we can offer support remotely. If you can access the Internet then we should be able to offer this service to you. This is a great way to receive support without waiting for a on-site visit.

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